Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today is Boxing Day. Still, I had time to read some of my mail and discover yet another interesting website in relation to the world of POETRY. Poet and editor MOHAMMED FAKHRUDDIN manages this site named Poets

I quote directly:

"Poets International gives global representation to literature in the English language through critical and scholarly studies, original poems and in translation. Particular emphasis is placed on comparative studies. It includes interviews with both established and rising poets, analytical and critical appreciation, new trends and blends in world poetry, and book reviews.


We welcome Haiku and short poems (maximum up to 20 lines): Sonnet, Limerick, Ghazal, Free Verse, Villanelle, Senryu, Haibun, Tanka, Sitigotyo, Sequences, Renga or any other form must also be original and unpublished."


He is a journalist, poet, film scriptwriter and film director lives in Bangalore, India. He has authored /edited / published so far over 27 books on poetry and poetics in English language. A recipient of honorary Doctorate in Literature (D.Lit.) in English, from the World Congress of Poets, in 1983, Mr. Fakhruddin has been conducting monthly Poetry Workshops, and All India Poetry Festivals every year, in Bangalore, India, since 1995. He established "Poets International" an exclusively poetry journal in 1983 and launched "Haiku Poetry Movement" in India systematically through his monthly journal "Poets International", since 1995. He coined “ZEN POETRY” that is being written in less than 17 syllables. He is the Founder-President of "The Haiku Society of India", established in 1998. You can read more about poet Dr. Mohammed Fakhruddin on the mentioned website.


-- a villanelle

Mother earth, mother earth, what makes thee spin?
On thy axis and revolve round the sun?
Oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers stay within!

Treasure-trove of nature forms thy domain,
Man has found diamonds in the classic urn,
Mother earth, mother earth, what makes thee spin?

In search of wealth, ruthless man digs deep in,
Digs out gold, oil, gas, petrol turn by turn;
Oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers stay within.

Man builds skyscrapers rupturing thy skin,
Linking river to river is no fun;
Mother earth, mother earth, what makes thee spin?

Watertight compartments of land chum in,
Man-made issues spurt as volcanoes burn
Oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers stay within.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes strike in.
Civilizations rise and fall turn by turn;
Mother earth, mother earth, what makes thee spin?
Oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers stay within.

Well done Dr. Mohammed Fakhruddin, and wish you the best.

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