Monday, July 30, 2018

Beautiful microcosm

Directly from Romania, upriver, near the mountain range.

Thanks to Nadia and Dragos.

Lunar eclipse as seen from Mellieħa Bay, Malta, July 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018


F’din l-era tad-deheb
fejn il-kotra paxxuta
baqa’ ftit minna li għandhom
għajnejn biex jaraw u qalb li tħabbat...

Inħarsu barra t-tieqa
u nilmħu l-baħħ għaddej rasu baxxuta
jġorr it-toqol ta’ lwien il-luttu.
Mad-dawra jispuntaw
torrijiet bil-mijiet ta’ qisien differenti
ħallelin tal-mergħat ħodor u l-wesgħat koħol,
u ħdejhom, kompliċi, fergħat mekkaniċi
ta’ ġganti indifferenti
- allat u lsiera fl-istess waqt –
li qatt ma jixbgħu
jgħabbu briksa fuq briksa
u jqiegħdu planka ħdejn l-oħra
sakemm jintlaħqu s-smewwiet
u l-aħħar qatra demm jibdluha f’konkrit.

Iċapċpu bil-mijiet u bl-eluf għal dan is-seħer
li bidel il-ħamrija f’deheb misħut!
U intant
is-siġar baqgħu biss l-iħirsa tagħhom
u għal min għadu jisma’
l-eku ta’ leħinhom jgħajjat l-aħħar għajta ta’ wġigħ
qabel qatgħulhom rashom
f’olokawst ta’ progress u abbundanza.

Illum, allajbierek, xejn ma jonqosna!
Nifisna arrikkit mit-trabijiet u d-dħaħen
li kisbu ċ-ċittadinanza fuq dawn il-gżejjer tikka,
żaqqna paxxuta bl-ikel iffriżat u l-ilma bbottiljat
għajnejna, widnejna u moħħna aljenati
nsoffu d-diskorsi zokkor-ivvalenati tal-kbarat!

F’din l-era tad-deheb il-kotra paxxuta...
Għaliex ngħabbu ’l moħħna b’dak li ġej?
Illum illum u għada f’idejn uliedna...
Ħallihom igawdu l-iħirsa tal-wesgħat ħodor u koħol
fi spazji virtwali...
Ħallihom igawdu l-għoli u l-kobor tat-torrijiet!
Għalina l-ftit boloh li mhux kuntenti
ħallina nissawtu mill-iħirsa tal-imgħoddi
ħallina nibku tan-natura l-barkiet!

Saturday, June 09, 2018



My parallel self
does not walk the noisy streets
where rage and panic are king and queen.

My parallel self
is not part of a never-ending routine
where days are counted
according to the morning pill box.

My parallel self
wanders BEYOND
where NATURE prevails
and micro- and macrocosms
are one in peace and harmony.

There butterflies flap their wings
in colourful bliss
and fruits hang for all
to pick and taste.

My parallel self inhabits
such a space, time no haste.

Black and Tan 

Nettle Butterfly 

Wild strawberries 

The Admiral 

Vanessa Atalanta

A big thanks to my friends Nadia Cella-Pop and Dragos Barbu.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

World Poetry Day - Poems from Romania


It is so sad to see the failure of a flight
And the beam that fell
Down on the ground of darkness…

It is so sad to hear nature’s tired breathe
And the stolen song
From mankind’s cradle…

It is so sad to know about slavery of mind
And wheel of history
That kills parents…

It is so sad to hear the dying leaves
And the raving voice
Of the freezing waters…

It is so sad to touch the silent tears
And the wasted souls
Born by injustice…

It is so sad to feel the broken dreams
And the hollowed youth,
In trenches, under fire…

Nadia-Cella Pop
(translated by Dragoş Barbu)


In our daily vagaries
We search the unavailable:
Magic remedies for real wounds,
The imaginary chain partner
Out of our own identity,
The slavery of the pure truths
From the mordant challenges,
The awful masks of the ruined puppeteers,
The heathen cult of the ignorance
Unleashing the tolerance,
The reign of the rot
That used to rule once…
And more, more others that help us
To bear with dignity
This hollow of emptiness
With which we were born,
And we couldn’t add a thing
To the original nothingness,
Except a cry of disability.

Nadia-Cella Pop
(translated by Dragoş Barbu)


We own the night.
The grounds feel our heavy leaps
And tremble.
The deadwood’s eyes are gazing
To our ice-bearing paws
And fade to fear.
We are the wolves
We are the wolves
Of the Avenging Klan.
O, you, man, poisonous creature
Can you smell what we bring you?
Turn your eyes to your frozen lucky star,
It’s the last time you will!
Hold your bloodaxe, unleash the hounds to chase...
Remember, you’ll never cut down any oak
You’ll never slay these  living things again!
Get ready, point us with your sword
We are running...
We are coming!
How many fights do you still need to count
Until you can quench
Your mighty thirst
For wrath and hate?

Dragoş Barbu

Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Walk translated into Romanian

My friend from Brasov, Romania, Dragos Barbu, translated one of my poems from English to Romanian. A big thanks to Dragos!


Lights peep out from hundreds of dark caverns
while the wind plays pipes through bollards
worn out by decades of white haired winters.
I walk happily and listen to the musical notes
magical do re mi fa sol la si do
and again
do re mi fa so la si do.
I look down in the dark
and watch the waves beating angrily
-or just beating? –
against the under-passage
where no car or human dares to wander!
White foam and a few floating boats,
anchored, in panic.
My lips salty crackers
my nostrils catch the scent of algae
thousands of them orphaned
on the secluded beach.
I walk and walk in the evening cold
cross to the opposite curb
not to get wet by high waves
exploding against the sea-front.
I am alone, but happy,
free for short fleeting moments...
me and the wind
me and the cold
me and the sea
me and the taste of salty crackers,
the foaming white,
the moon playing hide and seek
behind the fleeing dark clouds.
Bliss at its best....



(Winter Walk)

Lumini firave se strecoară din sute de caverne întunecate
când vântul suflă-n fluier printre pilonii
obosiţi de povara părului nins al iernii.
Mă plimb fericit ascultând notele magice
ale zilei,iar şi iar.
Privesc în jos,în întuneric,
urmărind valurile zbătându-se cu mânie
                  -sau doar zbătându-se-
în hăul unde nu se aventurează nimeni!
Pluteşte spumă albă,câteva vase aruncă
ancora de primejdie.
Buzele îmi sunt sărate
Nările adulmecă mirosul de alge
Eşuate,mii dintre ele,orfane,
Pe plaja singuratică.
Mă tot plimb în frigul serii
Înspre serpentina îndepărtată
ferindu-mă de valurile
ce explodează izbind ţărmul.
Sunt singur,dar fericit
departe de momentele de plutire
doar eu şi vântul
doar eu şi frigul
doar eu şi marea
doar eu şi buzele mele sărate
albul înspumat
Luna,jucând ,,v-aţi ascunselea”
în spatele norilor peregrini...
Feerie în toată splendoarea.
(în româneşte de Dragoş Barbu)

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

More photos from Romania

A big thanks to Dragos Barbu and Nadia-Cella Pop for sharing.

Den of fox

The fox is away

Lonely plum tree

The copper butterfly [1]

The copper butterfly [2]

The copper butterfly [3]

Friday, November 03, 2017

Photos and poems from Romania

DIANTHUS GIGANTHEA(some type of King's
Rock mini-carnation)
The Windy Face of Râşnov Keys
The Stone Flowers on the top of CALF ROCK
(in the Calf Hills Sanctuary)d caption

We heard the roaring of the woods
Since hundreds of years ago.
Woods need no angels or money
The carpet of leaves covers the ground.
A sun will rise under the rules of a sun
God is only One and great,
Mother Nature is building all the time
Man is proud watching these works!
The forest is roaring together with the bushes
The cured hearts appear from the thickets
They cluster, they do not go to far
If they do, this is no fate!
The forests are roaring in the depths of night
Moonbeams write down history
Coloured blankets of flowers
Are the sisters of the wild trees.
Your thirst is quenched by the spring waters
It’s magic water what is gushing from the ground

Running downstream it choose a way
It’s raising, it’s crawling…like the man!
The woods may roar while it can,
Its leaves produce the oxygen
Young or old, the age does not matter
The woods will always be our guide to life!


Divine love, sweet flower
Serene dreams of any colour
A different type of ladybird
Let it whisper as a spring
In the unlocked hearts.
Please, God, make it real
The divine love, that rare flower
Please sow the seeds of happiness
In the hearts of all the people.
We must love each other forever
And must show our love to God
We have to bear innocence on our faces

And never stay inside the fog!

Freezing rain
Poems by ARTANGEL (Toth Arpad) from
-translated into English by Dragoş Barbu-

Nature in its best. A big thank you to Nadia and Dragos Barbu for the photos.

VIVIPARUS ROMANUS,fossilized water snail,
2,5 million yrs