Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spiros K. Karamountzos’ poems - a selection

English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki

               OPEN TO ALL THE PEOPLE…

     “Blessed poet,  /  now and for ever, /   your garden is in flower,
 your mind creates…”.

SPIROS K. KARAMOUNTZOS is a famous and charismatic Greek poet and writer. His poetry is an open window to the world and all the people. His garden is a beautiful place too. Wandering in it (reading his poem by the same title), we can see a lot of trees and flowers: sunflowers, basils,  carnations, geraniums, dahlia, violets, daisies, chrysanthemums, cyclamens, pomegranate trees, roses, vines, fir trees, almond tress, olive trees, walnut trees, fig trees, bay…
               “Poet’s garden is a small heaven on earth…”
The harmony of colours in nature calm us, a wealth of words, feelings, memories and pictures gain our estimation. The poet help us to become more profound too. If we want it, of course.
His poetry is pervaded by love for the nature, people and life. The theologian and writer Mr. Antonis Mentes, writes about this: “In the whole of his poetic work, we read poems with personal deposit of heart, a living testimony of love”. We’ll add that his work has a clear orientation in light and life. The big gift of life. The poet has enclosed in a few or more verses, all “the light of words”, a heartbeat, the blossoming of hope, love’s words, the morning dewdrops, a double joy, an intellectual inquiry, a smile, the past and the present…
“POET’S GARDEN” the latest collection of poetry by Spiros K. karamountzos, includes quintessence  of loving poetry and pictures of natural beauty, all priceless of value. His verses are not only a deposit but also a clear proof of an inspired poet and a man of feeling whom it’s worth to know the profundity of his thoughts and his emotions.

Zacharoula  Gaitanaki

Zoni, Arcadia, May 2013


                          Now, that you planted on the earth
seeds with your name,
Poet, what else do you want?
Reflect on the harvest time.


                                    Tell me “I love you” 
with feeling and tone,
nothing else. 

you can brim over
only with love.

Be, my heart,
only if you are in love.
The fragrance of life.

Your love 
is anchorage
for all my life.

At nights, I go for a stroll
on dream-streets
with my star. 

                                    Your love is for me
Japanese allspices
before sundown.

                                    Ship’s captain
on the love boat.
With fair wind for ever.

Love street.
At the end there is happiness
for couple of lovers.

                                    Bell’s ring
for me and you.
Let’s kiss.

                                    Love’s words.
Balsam for hearts
in pain.

With your silence
and the sweetness of your eyes,
you told me everything.

                                    Sweetness and spooning
sweet-sounding words.

night  walking 
and love’s oaths.

                                    A fragrant rose  
full of dewdrops.
A gift of love.

Night of dreams
may it never ends
and the stars fade out.

                                    “Almont-tree street
with snows and flowers.
One –way street.

Swallow’s chirping…
spring’s song.
A beauty of hearing.

Water and ornament,
without… clouds.

With a smile
say “good-morning”.
How much does it cost you?

                                    The chimney
sends a life’s message
with its smoke.

                                    Gushes from the eye’s
                                    inexhaustible fountain.

                                    At the seashore,
poets and halcyons
make dreams.

                                    The stallion of poetry
gallops in the mind.

Some information about the poet:

Spiros K. Karamountzos is a famous Greek poet and author. He was born in Karya, a village in Argolida. He was a teacher of the elementary education. Now he is retired.
He is a member of the “Greek Writers Society”, of the “International Writers Association” (I.W.A.) and of the “World Poets Society” (W.P.S.).
His poems have been translated into English, Chinese, Russian and have appeared in national and foreign Anthologies. His writing has received awards from national and international poetry competitions.
He has published the books “WORDS of KARYA” with memories of his village, “KNOWLEDGE LEND WINGS TO INSPIRATION – Spiros Karamountzos is interviewed by  Zacharoula Gaitanaki” (2011) and the collections of poetry: “HALCYONS” (2000), “STROKES OF THE BOW” (2004), “DEWDROPS” (2006), “SHEDDING OF LEAVES”(2006), “SUNFLOWERS” (2010) and “POET’S GARDEN” (2013).

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