Thursday, July 25, 2013

A poem by Zacharoula Gaitanaki


For  you,  my country, I’ll be proud for ever,
I have inside me a deep grief and a fervent wish.
I feel sorry for the glorious past that declines,
I feel sad for the present and the bad that leaves behind.

Your immortal monuments are not covered with dust ,
they are not destroyed by the earthquakes the chill doesn’t bother them.
Sounio, the Acropolis, your ancient theatres, 
sing your glories and your achievements.

            Your green mountains, your beautiful islands, 
your helmets, your temples, your perfect beauty,
they have, my sweet country, the blessing of God,
the eternal light and joy, the perfect harmony.

            Reflections of the sun on your blue waters,
the light of the moon on your holy grounds,
something of the mysteries, attractive, they reflect,
the dreams are like small boats that they are sailing the Aegean Sea.

My Greece, all through I can’t have enough of your light  
and near the waters of your springs I relax a little.
Like a migrant bird I would like to go all over you,
singing, my country.

But my verses are poor to portray you,
they are unable to make the painting of your beauty.
You encourage my soul, you dismiss all of my pains,
walking on my heart’s road, I meet you.

                   ZACHAROULA GAITANAKI, IWA
ZONI Dimou Megalopolis * 22022  * Arcadia  *  Greece
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