Sunday, April 24, 2011

The role of the writer/poet in the light of the natural disasters, nuclear threats and civil wars that are striking mankind today (5)

Poet from Romania, Nadia-Cella POP, is interviewed by Patrick Sammut

1) The world today is facing very hard times. I just mention the floods that struck parts of Australia, the quake and tsunami in Japan and the following nuclear threat, and the civil war in Libya. How much do events like these touch the poet/writer? Did you react to such events through some kind of writing (poetry, novel,etc.)?

It is fact that the poets and art creators are particularly sensitive, therefore mankind’s sufferings, as effects of natural calamities, or provoked by the dark side of some people are perceived in a higher register. Of course, the voice within leads the pen on the paper, writing literary works.

2) Do you think that the writer/poet must express himself and sound his voice regarding such events as soon as possible? What is the role of the writer/poet faced with events like these? Is this role less or more important than that of today’s politicians?

Even if the bards’ role is no more like in the ancient times, their strong attitude is still needed in cases of absolute necessity to preserve the moral and artistic balance of our life. Not them but politicians have the decisional power and their ideas are subordinated to their class interests, of leadership.

3) The writer/poet has been insisting on the need for peace and respect of nature for decades. Perhaps now the people in general will understand that writers/poets were right. Do you think writers/poets are doing their utmost to make their plea heard? What more can be done?

Freedom and peace are priceless values for mankind during any age of evolution. They assure the raising and keeping of the human world’s life, that is extremely necessary for progress. The poets’ message, together with all the messages provided by art creators must be heard and understood in its profoundness-this can be done by unity and strength.

4) There is a need for governments and authorities to acknowledge the utmost importance of disciplines such as History, Literature, Philosophy and the like. Modern society does not need only science, finance, marketing, economics and management. How do you react to such a statement?

Yes, my friend! Your statements bear plenty of truth and substance, but unfortunately the classical sciences have lost their positions and interest among the contemporary fellows. Economics, finance and marketing have a lot of professionals and supporters, but there are more people who think that these matters rule the world, at this moment and in the future.

This is wrong and dangerous thinking, because there is no civilisation without


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