Friday, March 03, 2006

Respect our Earth and ourselves

Sleepless night

The sky gets wider every day
forests by the hour get swept away
deserts advance and drought dries all
cities washed away by solid floods
humankind, from civilised crawls back to beast
animals cry a hundredfold atrocities
like hungry locusts new regimes swarm
Medusa’s touch turns human hearts into stone.

Listen to the world groaning
taste the poisoned seas
see the blackened horizons
touch the hardened soil
smell the daily rot...

Sleepless nights unending
nightmares all day long
love for all around us
no more strong.

Hypnotized, slaves to apathy,
tears dry, empathy
as far away as eternity.

The sky gets wider every day
and us narrowminded
breathing our final deathly egocentrisms
slaughtering our own destiny.

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