Friday, March 03, 2006

3 Poems in English

The 11th September 2001 event was lived by millions through television and internet. It was a tragedy which influenced many in different ways. Many wrote their thoughts after such a cathaclisma, others wrote short poems to express whatever passed their minds at that terrible moment.

The poem "My photo" was written after one of my frequent talks with my now 80 year old aunt. She likes to read my articles whenever they appear on local newspapers and magazines. Once she told me to give the paper one of my photos so that they could publish it together with my writings. My immediate reaction to this is expressed in the poem.

My Photo

She another five quid
and they'll include your photo.
Why? I asked.
Why shouldn't they know who you are? she said.
and I...the photo will come later
on my tomb, lest I deserve it.
And then, perhaps, they get to know who I was
And then,
it'll grow yellow and fade.

New York - 11th September 2001

The streets are bloody
black clouds conceal death and destruction
sirens crying in distress
the crowd half way between shocked and maddenned
not knowing where to seek shelter.
A while ago the city’s heart was beating
the streets flowing as always
with humankind and machines. . .
But now the dream has come to an end
abruptly replaced by a nightmare
(that struck once, twice, three times)
of ruined buildings and thousands dead.
Steel foundations melted into nothing
and, knocked down, the sleepless city
awaits wounded, in pain. . .
The streets unreal, a desert of silent sobs.

What can we do right now?
Pray for those who are no more
Console ourselves by presidential vows.

Paying the wrong price

It’ll never be the same again.
So they said.
What’s changed since then?
Mass media still spitting raging scenes of war
Smart looking daddy’s boy fickle smile
feeding blind masses readymade speeches
sucking our brains like leeches.
Daddy’s boy fickle smile
vowing vengance.
No time for reflection, introspection
Bombs and bread irriconcilable
the wrong solution
Peace, equality, respect
real revolution.

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