Saturday, October 08, 2011

A tribute to late Greek poet Stathis Grivas

When a poet dies

autumn seems to get yet heavier

the forest cries, the river dries,

flowers shed their petals,

and mankind loses yet another ally.

When a poet dies

his spirit is in the words he wrote

black on white

a legacy of tears and suffering

echoing directly from the heart.

When a poet dies

the world loses yet another guardian angel

who prayed through verse

and kept evil away inscribing

words of wisdom and love.

Nature mourns in silence

the loss of a true friend

and in silence it opens its arms

to reunite with her child.

When a poet dies

only the sensitive cry

and spend long sleepless nights

asking WHY?

When a poet dies

my heart is void once more…

Patrick Sammut

(Picture: The Death of the Poet Walter Rheiner, Conrad Felix Müller/1924)

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