Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Poet and artist Stephen Morris at De La Salle College, Sixth Form

Left: Poet and DLS teacher Mario Attard; Right: Poet and artist Stephen Morris

Poet and artist from England (Birmingham), Stephen Morris, gave a poetry reading last Monday, 6th October, at 7pm, at De La Salle College, Sixth Form. After reading his poetry in Mosta last Thursday, Stephen Morris spent a fantastic evening together with students, teachers and members from the Maltese Poets Association. Present during the evening was DLS Sixth Form Headmaster, Dr. John Portelli.

Stephen Morris played the guitar and sang, read and acted his poetry, after giving short introductions to his writings. Patrick Sammut, who compered the evening, read a short biography and asked a number of questons to the poet. Suffering constitutes an important ingredient in the making of a good poet, who must also know how to accept rejections and defeats, while continuing to look positively towards the future. Reading and travel help a lot in inspiration.

Students present during the evening, but also a number of Maltese Poets Association (Alfred Palma, Andrew Sciberras, Anthony Farrugia and Mario Attard) members, read their poetry in both Maltese and English.

Those present were after treated to a small reception.

Left: Some of those present during the Poetry Evening at DLS;
Right: Stephen Morris singing his poetry and playing guitar.

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