Friday, March 21, 2008

A free translation from Maltese

The hidden wisdom of the written word

The wheel goes round and round…
I keep asking myself
"The right way where is it to be found?"
Outdoors the weather is dark and tense
indoors expectation has its weight
outside rules noise, chaos, disorder
inside a craving for silence and peace
I, a book in hand reading dreaming
that in this world Good has still a meaning…
with pen in hand jot down a few lines
to air my torments and feelings
am taken by memories at times
of those who came and left
and for long moments it’s like boarding
the train of anguish
I am saddened thinking about the world’s evil
hatred, sickness, famine,
secret warehouses full of deadly arms
war, injustice, torture, manipulation
superpower leaders did not learn the lesson
that whatever man does he’s still vulnerable…
this he recognises only through
the hidden wisdom of the written word...

The wheel goes round and round...

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