Sunday, June 01, 2014

Adieu to Maya Angelou - a poem by Teresinka Pereira

1928 - 2014
Hasta siempre, Maya Angelou!
I like to quote your wise words
saying that you encountered
many defeats in life, but each time
your determination was to get up
in order to be bigger, taller, and
more fine, kind, and inclusive...
You are enormous now, Maya Angelou,
because the American People
can stand under your umbrella!
We will never forget your words
for they are good advice!
Death has what life lacks:
a full understanding of life!
You know now that you have crossed
the line between dust and heaven:
Nothing will try to defeat you,
and nobody will live longer
than your immortality...
Long live your soul!

 Teresinka Pereira

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