Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Poems from Teresinka Pereira

That of Teresinka Pereira is beautiful poetry which speaks directly to the soul. She manages to concentrate so many thoughts and emotions in few lines. Poet and reader may be miles apart physically, but poetry makes them one whenever the latter reads it and lets it permeate him/her.


My poems come
from astonishment
but they are thoughts
thrilling with reason.
After I throw the verses
onto a white paper
my being rests in the shadow
while in my veins
the empty night flows
towards the dawn.
I desire to fly
to a distant place,
to visit friends with whom
I would look at the sad Moon
that dies alone
waiting for the Sun.


The shadows
never mistaken!
They follow us
ready to take the
feet support
from the scaffold.
However, memory lasts,
and a kiss
in the past
resists all the reason
of time.

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