Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new poem in English

Meteor showers within

At times my nights are disturbed
by meteor showers.
My inner spirit awakes in the cold dark
and battles with a restless lying body
which turns left and right, sweats,
crouches, stretches, and snaps
At this early hour
my inner self switches on consciously
my inner skies light with numerous
thoughts, images or memories
from present and past, near and far away.
I see familiar faces smiling
others grimace in pain
I hear voices innocent and others
with a tone of threat.
I ask myself Where?, What? and Why?
I think of roads taken by some
and others left unexplored.
My sense of hearing becomes sharp
I hear clocks ticking, taps dripping,
family breathing, the occasional car screeching,
fridges, freezers, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers
come to life and then quit abruptly
again and again
leaving behind a trail of false silence…

Such nights have no end, no rest,
it’s no use lying down any more
I opt to get out of bed and find some rest
in the silent attic with paper and pen.

I then look outside, at a sky alive
with smiling diamonds
and happily note that the meteor showers
are no more.

Patrick Sammut

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