Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Other poems by Greek poet Zacharoula Gaitanaki

Zacharoula Gaitanaki has sent me these three beautiful poems. Like many other poets in the world, hers is a shout in favour of NATURE. I call the first two poems eco-poems.


We destroyed the nature,
we were ungrateful,
we turned it against us
and we didn’t sense
the coming danger
for all of us on the Earth.

We set fire to the forests,
concrete is “springing up” everywhere,
we buried the environment
and the death encircled us.
Wilderness is coming
and we’ll flee.

Scientists shout to awaken
the people’s interest,
the Poets write verses awaken them
to sense of responsibility.
Nature can’t bear anymore,
it’s time to make a change.

Leave your cars,
go on foot,
recycle appliances,
make your verandahs green.
If we make a new beginning,
the disaster will stop.


The hard work of an ant is continuous.
How it suffers
in the sweltering heat of summer
to carry the crumbs and the seeds
to have them
when the hard winter will come.

When snow will freeze everything
the ant will not have to care.
It will have its mind at rest
because it took care of collecting
when it was the time.

If people looked a bit like the ant
in foresight, in prudence, in humility
the mankind would be better,
all the children on the Earth
would have food.

But some people throw in the garbage
a heap of food, stale bread.
Have you ever thought
how many poor children
that could have fed?


To find the pleasure
in everything, everywhere,
to be happy with all the things.
Even an unimportant thing
has something to give you.
If you are overcome with joy,
if you are not in the grip of low feelings,
then you will be always the winner.
Because there are not losers
in the game of joy.

Zacharoula Gaitanaki

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