Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More poetry from Greece (2)

Nickos M. Batsikanis was born and raised in Pelasgia Phthiotitha’s. He made a carrier as an Airforce officer in the Greek War. Today he he deals with research concerning the Modern-Greek Language, and is approved by the Academy of Athens. He was announced honourable President of the Literary Association “Xasteron”, and he’s responsible for Public Relationships concerning the literary magazine “Keleno”. He has been included in the “People of the Year”, 2004, for his contribution to Civilization and Humanity, together with George Papandreou (minister), Dora Mpakogianni (minister, mayor of Athens), and Minos Kyriakou (president of Greek Olympic Organization). He has been honoured with a A΄ Panhellenic Poetry Prize and a A΄ Prize from the International Competition of Poetry. Moreover, his historical treatise gained the A΄ Prize equally with the Professor of History at the University of Cyprus. He was the first speaker during the literary dedication made by the “International Clubs of Maria Callas”, a true speaker to the great Diva of the Opera. A central speaker at the Word Olympiad “In Greece 2004” throughout the country. A narrative speaker at the dedication ceremony for the 80 years of the Greek singer Grigoris Mpithikotsis, the most popular Greek singer. A general co-ordinator at the International Symposium of Religious Poetry in Greece, and also its member.
He has presented many writers’ and poets’ books, among them: 1)“From my diary”: author Anna’s Grigori Mpithikotsi. 2)The c.d. “Behold the Groom is coming”… belonging to the Professor of Byzantine Music, Mr. Sotiris Doganis. He has participated in many festivities for great names of the Arts like: Elytis (Nobel), Ritsos, Lorca, Seferis (Nobel), Solomos (national poet) and other creators, while it’s been reported that his voice comes primitive and original from the past and especially the Byzantine Period. He writes articles in magazines and newspapers concerning Essays and Treatises. His work has been included in Anthologies and Internet pages, while much of his work has been translated into different languages and has been published in magazines.


Signs, poetry, 2001;

From the Skies, poetry, 2002;

A Tasty Day, poetry, 2004;

In Paradise, narrative stories, 2005;

Awakeness, poetry, 2006;

In the Light, poetry, 2007;

Fragments, treatises, 2008.

Poems by Nickos M. Batsikanis:


Tonight we’re here again
you and me, both,
with a glass between us.
One is enough,
two are many (second will be to much).
Tonight we’re here again
opposite each other,
you and me, both,
like yesterday, like every night,
just like that…
just like the way we drank coffee in the sunset…
Silent…I didn’t hear you saying anything…
what if a word you didn’t announce…
what if again you didn’t say something,
my dear silence…


Maybe it is…
the lightning that tears the horizon tonight…
the rain-drops on my window-pane…
the snow-flakes on the window-ledge…

Maybe it is…
the wind’s chants on the foliages of the trees…
the million stars of the galaxy…
the rays of the sun warming me…

Maybe it is… but every time,
I am feeling this very delicate shiver.


I’ll go ahead
with the horse of honesty
until the finishing line…

A long road is ahead of me.
An up-slope, hard-trodden
very deserted path and road…


we haven’t caught up with time
to place boundaries in you…
but don’t worry
we’re coming… we’re coming there very soon…


it will be your turn.
There aren’t winners and losers
in war.
Not but least
to see the little orphans of the traffic-lights…

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