Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More poetry from Greece (3)

Eftichia Kapardeli was born in Athens and lives in Patras. She writes poetry, stories, Xai-kou, essays, and novels. She is a soprano chorus singer, and graduated from the Deparment of Journalism A.K.E.M (Athenian Center Vocational Education). She participated in many education seminars, and knows H/Y 7 programs, English and Italian, classic guitar, and studies right voice. She was a guide in the body of Hellenic Girl Scouts. She is a volunteer fire-woman. In 2004 she was a student in the Deparment Philology at the University of Patras. She has been awarded in the Panhellenic competitions in poetry, topics, stories, novels, fables, and xai kou. Her books Secret March (novel) and Sikeliana 2006 (Salamina) were awarded by D.E.E.L. and UNESCO respectively. Her works were published in literary magazines. Her first poetry collection is Confindings of secrets and Light. She is studying Greek Civilization at the University of Cyprus and is member of the World Poets Society (WPS). The official website is She is also a member of the International Writers Association with President Teresinka Pereira.



Poetess Kapardeli originally sent me her poetry in Greek. Unfortunately I don't understand Greek and so she has translated her poems in English. Although the English translation is not perfect, I've noted that the imagery is very beautiful and that there is real passion in the lines. I left Kapardeli's English as it was as I feel that the way she translated from Greek to English is languagewise revealing. Eftichia Kapardeli is essentially a romantic poet and a peace poet.


The opponents have receded
The poisons human mind
They ruined the reality
They left back destruction

In that ruins, I found
The chased innocence
Above in piles from stones
Just as fat drops of rain
Invade from everywhere
In the old house that
Sometimes was familiar
In the ruins alive a new child
A rosy promise
Chastity and youth
Was rescued


With the soul upset
and my eyes wounded
in the war the view
the peace I search
where it wanders and it sleeps
Inconsolable I stand in his
death impetus
the joy and Pleasure
old love I look for
her name I pronounce also him I call Peace
When the Sun his heat rays
in the frozen hearts him
world it leaves
and from the eyes the teardrops of farewell dry out,
and the deep wounds close
with reasons of love will say PEACE

An embrace, a kiss, a song
drops charms of happiness of benediction
of peacefulness,
in the sorrow the sadness
in the unfairness… or justice with the roses and lilies the love
joyful messages
then I will say PEACE
When the kindness the unique
the fruit of him spirit becomes
an endless internal agreement musical and the dreams of persons
polite I slowly speak PEACE
Then the hands we will give reconciliation
friends and enemies we will link
in the embrace of one old beloved all
we will meet itself


And …when rains
The mind runs
The mind goes
To that heart
When flower, when life
When air
In the sun the go down the

Memories strokes with a brush
Paints in the frozen sunbeams
Of time that woman
As blow
As breath
New, indomitable, beautifully


The light of the sun stretched out in my legs
a golden carpet
The paradise is a part golden, made from
The hands they filled stars
I outside slipped from that crowd where I was
gone around
No one slow travel hand did not keep me
jailed anymore
In the earth laid down I look at the sky
A white river from clouds
The flowers shake nonchalantly their head.
The sun sure stick in the leaves in the petals
Dead, I resemble in the earth above motionless
White is everywhere
Rings in the neck made from gravel and
the breath of white paper hearth breath….
a sound white
My soul free unfolds in the empty
I raise itself late…I feel resurrection
like again i have been given birth
How much years I was a small leaf
in the whirlwind of life and destiny

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