Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Poetry Evenings by the MPA

The poets and members of the Maltese Poets Association who
took part in the Hal Ghaxaq Evening

The Maltese Poets Association has organized yet another two poetry evenings. The first one happened in the Primary School of Hal Ghaxaq on the 29th of August 2008, in collaboration with the Local Counsil and the Head of the school. The poems read were all dedicated to Our Lady and the evening was accompanied by the music of the Ghaxaq Folk Ensemble. Young Gozitan singer, Nadia Muscat, sang Ghanja, written by young poet from Gozo and member of MPA, Robert Gatt. A big thanks to Amanda Busuttil (who was the mind behind the idea of the evening) and Charles Magro, secretary of the MPA (who presented the evening). Patrick Sammut read a short study about the presence of Our Lady in Maltese Poetry.

People present at the evening in Sliema - Lino Grech (first row, left) and President of the MPA, Alfred Massa (first row, second from left).

On 12th September the MPA organized another evening, this time in Sliema at the Don Bosco Hall. On this occasion member Lino Grech launched his three new books (Hajja ta' Bniedem, Gherf il-Bniedem and Non Omnis Moriar), short stories and poems. The evening was presented by secretary Charles Magro, and singer and musician Walter Micallef played some of his best pieces. President, Alfred Massa, insisted on the importance of the MPA to help her members in the publication and diffusion of their poetry. Members of the MPA read a number of poems and parts of Lino Grech's short stories. Patrick Sammut gave a short speech about Lino Grech's poetry and prose in these three new books. Those present were treated to a reception after the evening.

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