Saturday, June 07, 2008

A visit to Romania - May-June 2008

Romania is the 12th biggest country in Europe. Its territory is divided almost equally between mountains, hills and plains. I have been hosted by colleagues in the North East city of Iasi (which has a population of about 360,000) during my Comenius Programme visit (SPEAR). They did their very best to make our visit to Romania one not to forget.
Romania became part of the European Union in January 2007. It is thus a country which is doing its best to renovate sectors such as the infrastructure. Great part of its territory is dedicated to agriculture and the travelling tourist will never forget the many rural scenes and the beautiful natural scenarios.
A big THANKS to all those who made our visit to Romania very pleasant.

The Medieval Monasteries such as those of Homer and Voronet.

The local crafts industry - Marginea and Barsana.

A country in continuous evolution but which respects its past patrimony.

In Sighet, a prison transformed in a museum to
commemorate tje victims of commnism and the
Resistance movement.

The Happy Cemetery in Sepanta.

Hand sculpture in the salt mine in Cacica.

A Catholic church in the countryside and the monument of Moisei.

Right: Part of the University of Cuza in Iasi.

The Three Hierarchs Church, built in 1639

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