Sunday, March 09, 2008

A young Italian friend and poet

My best friend in Italy is Marcello Moretti. I got to know him in 1994 when I left work here in Malta to follow a two-year course in criticism and literature at the Universita` degli Studi di Firenze. We used to live in a Jesuits Convent half an hour away from the lecture premises and so we had many time and opportunities to share experiences and thoughts. Marcello is a very intelligent person, well-read, profound in his thoughts, active in culture circles. He loves cinema and writes short stories and poetry in Italian.

In summer of 1997 he spent a week at my place here in Malta and it was a nice time, especially because my studies in Florence were finished in June 1996. We also met during my honeymoon in Florence in 2002. From then on we keep contact through traditional post and internet.

Some days ago Marcello included one of my poems in his blogspot and called me a writer, poet and intellectual. Too good a comment according to me. However, I'm very happy that Marcello still keeps me one of his best friends.

In 2006 we co-published a small poetry anthology entitled Pensieri che planano/L'orizzonte degli eventi. The following is a short poem of his taken from this anthology:


In questi giorni accumulati e agnosici

di guardia bassa e di vento

sono con te

come il compagno di Sirio

nell'istante eliaco.

Marcello's poetry is not simple to understand. One has to be well-read. I'm sure that among his favorite poets are Eugenio Montale, Mario Luzi and Umberto Saba. Those interested in Marcello Moretti's writing see his blogspot:

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