Saturday, March 18, 2006

Poem in English

I wrote this poem in October 2005. It’s another elegy, this time dedicated to my dear mother who left this world in September 2004 at the age of 60. Immediately after her death I began to feel the sensation that we as human beings are only temporary, our stay in this world is so short and ephemeral. Questions that frequently come to my mind are: “Which place is truly ours? This world or somewhere else? Is our stay here a short dream or crude reality? Is there a better place than here?” After my mom’s death I started feeling myself homeless, at certain moments.

One past

I listen to past voices
wandering over a desert of mute tombs.
The bees are thirsty for your presence
and I am thirsty for water...
I recall you
washing the laundry in the Twyfords basin
the smell of Hygene burning your breadth.
The sun burns and I recall as a child
your warm motherly arms.
For me today you’re nowhere and everywhere
always and never, everything and nothing
yesterday today... and tomorrow?
Today I limp the heavy steps of the days
one by one
and in silence look straight to see if
I could sight the conquering end
- a stranger yet so near -
impotently aware that some day
everything will find its rest
in one past, unknowingly...

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