Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Toni Piccini - a poet-painter from Trieste

I must admit that having a blog has its many advantages. It is like a shopwindow looking towards an open world where people from all corners of the globe pass and look at it. Sometimes somebody dares to enter the shop and talk with the owner, that is, me. And the interesting thing is that the shopowner is all the time getting to know different people and learning new things.
My last meeting was with a poet-painter from North Italy, Trieste, Toni Piccini. He wrote me an e-mail telling me that he saw my blog and Teresinka Pereira's poem about the children in Gaza. Toni Piccini politely asked me if I would be glad to publish some of his work on this blog. I saw his works and I think that they are beautiful: they are a mixture of colour, emotion, philosophy and motion.

His has a passion for both writing and music. Piccini has conducted radio programmes for these last thirty years and has taught the subject too. He has written a story about Jim Morrison (1984) and musical criticism articles on different publications (both hard copy and virtual). He then starts writing poetry in Italian and in dialect. Some years ago he starts writing haiku, his favourite medium of expression, together with other artistic forms of expression. In 2005 he read his verse at the XI International Festival of Poetry of Genoa, and in Urbino (14 haiku for Patti Smith) as part of the evening dedicated to Patti Smith named "70's

Toni Piccini has a very nice and interesting website, together with a blog:

From Toni Piccini’s haiku series “One World”

Strange birds
are colouring the sky -
white phosphorus

In the train: Mohammed,
Christ, Buddha or the Nothing -
same seats

Without hymns
or national flags -

Earth, sea, sky.
The geography of the wind
doesn't know borders

Dear Toni Piccini, a big THANKS for your artistic creations.

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