Friday, January 09, 2009

More poetry from India

Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary, an editor of the international literary journal KOHINOOR, is one of the distinguished Indo - English poets of first water. He is a regular contributor to a number of reputed literary journals. He was declared Effulgent Star 2003 by the Home of Letters, Orissa. Under the influence of the Classical, the Romantic and the Elizabethan writers, he composes compact poems in rhyme and meter. His trio collections of poems entitled Eternal Voices (2007), Universal Voices (2008) and My Songs (2008) illustrate many of his characteristic ideas and attitudes. Apart from creative works there are half a dozen critical works on Romantic, Victorian and Twentieth Century poets and essayists to his credit. He is the guest editor of Pot-Pourri. This Head of the Deptt. of English, R. C. College, India, has fathered International Association of Poets, Essayists & Novelists(I.A.P.E.N.) & International Haiku Association of India (I.H.A.I.) at Begusarai, India.
Dr. Choudhary's recent project of Encyclopedia of Indian Creative Writers in English that is under active preparation for the first time in India, will be a mile stone in the history of Indian English literature.
He can be contacted at :-
A.K. Choudhary


1. Poet

O Pneuma ! O Creator of Valhalla !
The earth is full of apnoea.
O Lama ! O Piercer of nebulosity !
Be crony of the generosity.
The gaby of the gully
Inhales fragrance of the poesy
The icy idiocy and intricacy
Deny sage’s delicacy.
Megalomania and monomania
Are moulded by melomania.
O Antenna of fauna’s anathema !
Aesthesia is your aroma.
O Sage ! Sabotage worldly cage.
Watch weltanschauung without wastage.

2. Modern Man

O Owl !
Do not play the foul.
To show white feathers
is modern man's features.

O Bad Blood !
Don't be proud of blue blood.
O Gigolo ! Make a name by deed
Ever be away from broken reed.

The espial of the raptorial
suppresses sparrow's jovial.
The euphism and the flim-flam
bedim duos esteem.

Man is the prize idiot of the earth
while woman has a filthy faith.

3. Love

Love is the fragrance of life.
It blooms only in perfect psyche.
Love is a spiritual inn
Laden with immolation and insaturation.
Love is a mere illusion;
A dark shadow for saturation.
Love laden life is more than Hyacinth
Loveless life is worse than Death.
Drink a dram of this cellar
Where Donor is gainer than Receiver.
How beautiful if love has not made
Love is more beautiful than Life's beatitude.
The fruit of love is glutinous and delicious.
The more one gives, the more one gets.
O Cadger of Love ! Hug a swig of this ocean
Where junction of souls is empyrean.



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SAKTHEE2007 said...

Love is the fragrance of life.
It blooms only in perfect psyche.

Nice and exeellent poem It is a nice tribute to endless love