Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Winners at the Nosside 2008 (Reggio)

Top left: Patrick Sammut with Nosside President, Prof. Pasquale Amato.
Top right: Patrick Sammut with other winning poets at the Reggio TV centre.

Bottom left: Patrick Sammut (first from left, with other winning poets of Nosside 2008, at the Archaeological Museum of the Magna Grecia, Reggio).

Bottom right: Patrick Sammut being given his prize during the Ceremony at the Local Council of Reggio.


Nosside is an international poetry competition open for all countries from all over the world. Participants send their poetry written either in one of the five main languages (Spanish, French, English, Portugese, Italian) or in their native language (or dialect), with a translation in one of these five languages.
This year Nosside hosted 40 participating countries, 29 languages in all. There was one overall winner from Italy , four other winners and then 10 special mentions. Sixth Form teacher and poet Patrick Sammut featured among these last 10, with a special mention for his poem written in Maltese, Jum ta’ Btala, and translated into English as A Day ofRest.
The prize-giving ceremony was held on Friday, 28th November, at the Reggio Local Council. Poets from all over the world ( Italy , Brazil , Venezuela , Mexico , Colombia , China , Russia , Croatia , Congo , Malta ...) met and read out their winning poem.
Before the ceremony the group of poets, together with Prof. Pasquale Amato (the mind behind Nosside) were interviewed on Reggio TV. They also had the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum of the Magna Grecia in Reggio, where one can admire the world-famous Bronzi di Riace. In the evening they were treated to a superb Italian dinner in a restaurant nestled in the nearby hills. On Saturday morning a Seminar was held in Messina , where the poets discussed Cultural Differences and Poetry. Mr Sammut was given a silver plaque, together with a certificate commemorating the occasion.

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