Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FOOTPRINTS - New Album to be launched

Footprints are soon launching their debut album 777 which will feature eight original songs. The launch will take place on Friday 21st January, at the Millennium Chapel auditorium at 8.30pm. The band will perform a live electric set and there will also be the first screening of their new music video 'The long lined road'. The concert will be followed by refreshments.

However, due to limited seating it is of utmost importance that you book your place in advance. You can find all the necessary details on the attached poster.
On a different note, Footprints shall be playing another live set during the 'Dar tal-Providenza' campaign on the 1st of January between 10.30am and noon. The campaign will be aired live on all TV stations and it would be great if you manage to watch them whilst also giving your contribution to this place which offers a sterling service to our country.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas cards

Christmas is also made of Christmas Cards! And some of them are really beautiful. Others come from far away.

Natale e' fatto anche di Cartoline Natalizie. E' alcune di queste sono veramente belle. Altre arrivano da molto lontano.

Christmas cards received remind you that there are people who are thinking of you and wish you well.
I receive many from my friends who in their majority are poets locally and abroad.

Le cartoline di Natale che si ricevono ricordano il fatto che ci sono persone che pensano di te e che ti vogliono bene.
Personalmente, ricevo tante da amici che nella loro maggioranza sono poeti locali e stranieri.

I received these six beautiful cards from my friends Jan van den Hoek (Holland), Stephen Cachia (Malta), Nadia-Cella Pop and Dragos (Romania), Agnes Lam and Anthony (China), and Zanneta Kalyva-Papaioannou and Zacharoula Gaitanaki (Greece). A big thanks to them and to all those who during these years have followed my blog. I wish you peace, health and inspiration.

Ho ricevuto queste sei bellissime cartoline dai miei amici Jan van den Hoek (Olanda), Stephen Cachia (Malta), Nadia-Cella Pop e Dragos (Romania), Agnes Lam and Anthony (Cina)e Zanneta Kalyva-Papaioannou e Zacharoula Gaitanaki (Grecia). Un grande grazie a tutti quelli che hanno seguito il mio blog durante questi anni. Vi auguro tutti pace, bene e ispirazione.