Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photos from Rabat and Mdina, Malta

A visit to Mdina and Rabat is also a visit to the Medieval era. Tourists and interested people can take a bus from Valletta and stop at Rabat. Mdina is 10 minutes away on foot. Both Rabat and Mdina are full of museums, niches, catacombs, souvenir shops, churches and architectural gems.

Below: The Wignacourt Museum
Right: Howard Gardens.

Below: The Main Gate of Mdina

Above: St. Paul's Church in Rabat

Below: The Domus Romana

Niches and statues in the two cities.

A visit to St. Agatha and St. Paul Catacombs is a must.
For those who love art the Wignacourt Museum is worth seeing.