Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Ippubblikat IL-PONT ta' Mejju 2015

Il-Pont (The Bridge) is an online literary magazine published monthly since October 2012. It's main language is Maltese, but poems in other languages - mainly English and Italian - are regularly included too. Il-Pont is intended to bring together writers and readers from all over the world.

In May 2015 issue one finds poems by Alessio Stretti and Paola Mara De Maestri from Italy, Tatjana Debeljacki from Serbia, Eftichia Kapardeli from Greece, and Teresinka Pereira from USA.

Many more - news from the literary world, interviews, book reviews, essays - for those who read Maltese.
Il-PONT of May 2015 can be read on