Saturday, April 21, 2007

This is an elegy I wrote last February 2007, dedicated to a colleague of mine, Olaug Vethal, teacher of art and artist.

Eternal peace and rock and roll

Saturday evening
I was holding my child ten months old
looking into her eyes full of life
her smile innocent.
And at the same time I was thinking of you
yet no more.
It ticked in my brain continuously
people die and people are born
people come and others go
it’s naturally so.
But do all leave so strong a mark behind?

I’ve seen you there in bed immobile
breathing your last instants of a life so meaningful
a heavy mist in your eyes
and human voices echoing at a distance.
I’ve seen you at ease, praying hand in hand,
I heard you whispering that “Everything’s ok”
while waiting silently and patiently
to embrace, alas, eternal moments of peace
and let time tick for us who stay behind.
I’ve asked myself while holding your hand, warm,
why you, not me or he or she, or him or her
but you?
A painting once so bright, today a chiaroscuro?
Is this an early winter or a late spring?

Monday morning
while we bid farewell
I thought that for me you were no mother
but only a friend
with whom at times I shared thoughts, verse
and green tea.
But I’ve also been a son again that day
I cried and prayed with your son
(you used to talk about so much these last months).

I bow to destiny
and leave all shades apart
to remember nice moments lived together
your smile so genuine
your laugh a roar...
For us your presence was paint and brush alive
you left your colours bright on our canvas-hearts.

This morning
you rest in eternal peace
while life outside is rock and roll
once more...