Saturday, September 12, 2009

The SSAsturias website

Some months ago (I apologise for this delay) Vicki Doherty from Melbourne (Australia) sent me this e-mail.

Dear Patrick
I came across your name while doing some internet searching on Malta ... and just thought you may be interested to visit my website which is devoted to the ship SS Asturias and its passengers, many of whom were Maltese migrants to Australia. The site is at : and has photographs, stories and passenger lists, which I am gradually building up. I'm trying to get it known out there, particularly to any Maltese ex-passengers and their families who may be interested.
kind regards
Vicki Doherty(Melbourne)

An excerpt from the SSASTURIAS site:

"This site has been created to provide a central place to gather information about the SS Asturias II and may be of particular interest to those passengers who came to Australia aboard her in the 1940s and 1950s when the ship saw service as a ‘migrant ship’. All genuine material for publication on the site that may be of interest to others is welcome including photographs, memorabilia and stories."

Contact e-mail: