Saturday, June 06, 2009

A new poem

We are only in transit...

Sitting in the car
on my way to work
I find myself driving on the roads
of thought and reflection.
Apprehension conquers me
and I feel out of breath
when I remember those who
a while ago were so near
but now, abducted, are no more.

All that I can do
is to look up
but I only see
the giant arms of a crane
swinging from left to right
and from right to left.
Ours is a world of blocks
and concrete
humanity is in transit
and flesh is weak and decays
to nothing.
All that remains are engines
and machines and the echo of
their aching noises...
until these too come to a halt
rust away and disintegrate...

And then ...
Then silence, and nature
reigns once more!