Friday, November 03, 2017

Photos and poems from Romania

DIANTHUS GIGANTHEA(some type of King's
Rock mini-carnation)
The Windy Face of Râşnov Keys
The Stone Flowers on the top of CALF ROCK
(in the Calf Hills Sanctuary)d caption

We heard the roaring of the woods
Since hundreds of years ago.
Woods need no angels or money
The carpet of leaves covers the ground.
A sun will rise under the rules of a sun
God is only One and great,
Mother Nature is building all the time
Man is proud watching these works!
The forest is roaring together with the bushes
The cured hearts appear from the thickets
They cluster, they do not go to far
If they do, this is no fate!
The forests are roaring in the depths of night
Moonbeams write down history
Coloured blankets of flowers
Are the sisters of the wild trees.
Your thirst is quenched by the spring waters
It’s magic water what is gushing from the ground

Running downstream it choose a way
It’s raising, it’s crawling…like the man!
The woods may roar while it can,
Its leaves produce the oxygen
Young or old, the age does not matter
The woods will always be our guide to life!


Divine love, sweet flower
Serene dreams of any colour
A different type of ladybird
Let it whisper as a spring
In the unlocked hearts.
Please, God, make it real
The divine love, that rare flower
Please sow the seeds of happiness
In the hearts of all the people.
We must love each other forever
And must show our love to God
We have to bear innocence on our faces

And never stay inside the fog!

Freezing rain
Poems by ARTANGEL (Toth Arpad) from
-translated into English by Dragoş Barbu-

Nature in its best. A big thank you to Nadia and Dragos Barbu for the photos.

VIVIPARUS ROMANUS,fossilized water snail,
2,5 million yrs