Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ninad Bhangle - Poems from Mumbai, India

P. s … I love you!!

Loosely based on the book itself of the same name.. where a couple is separated by the death of the husband.

We were meant to be together, forever,
We had taken an oath, do you remember,
How could you leave me then,
All alone, in distress and in pain,

You have left a void,
That just can’t be filled,
You have left a gap so wide,
And tears don’t stop however hard I tried,

I am engulfed in space,
And I long to see your face,
Just one last time,
I want to hold your arms in mine,

We were going to go someday,
On a world trip together,
We were going to stay,
In a beachside bungalow forever,

You had said, ”I’ll be there for you,
Till every grain of sand vanished from view,
And so did every drop in the mighty ocean,
And till the world stops its motion”

What happened to all those promises,
You made so casually,
Why am I forced to live in memories,
When we could have made a better reality,

I love you lots, I miss you lots,
I hope heaven is pretty,
I’ll join you there, wait for me,
After all, our love is infinity,
And it shall last till eternity………

I’ll miss you!!

You wish to go away,
Fine, I won’t stop you,
If you really feel this way,
But one thing I wish to say,
I’ll miss you,
And your beautiful smile,
To get over you,
It will take a long while,

You wish to leave me all alone,
Fine, I won’t argue with you,
I’ll dream about you,
And I’ll moan,
I’ll miss you,
And your beautiful smile,
To get over you,
It will take a long while,

You wish to forget,
Fine, I won’t force you to remember,
All those wonderful moment,
All those hours we spent,
Chatting, laughing, eating,
Or watching movies, cuddled together,
I’ll miss every damn thing,
That I wished would go on forever,

You don’t want to understand,
Fine, I won’t explain,
My love for you,
That is deep, profound and true,
I always felt glad,
In your company,
I’ll miss you,
And live my remaining life in vain,

You wish to seek true love,
Fine, search everywhere,
But you’ll come back to me, my dove,
For no one loves you,
The way I do,
Not here, not there, not anywhere,
I’ll miss you,
Coz more than anything else, I need you……..


I get recurrent nightmares,
I don’t get dreams,
About me, no one cares,
That is how it all seems,

Sometimes I am all alone,
In a dark, dingy passage,
About to be pounced upon,
By hundred lions just out of cage,

Or I am sitting at the beach,
Admiring the waves, the calm sea,
Suddenly there comes a huge one; I screech,
And there’s no one to save me,

Sometimes I am admiring the mountains and the cliff,
With some dear friends of mine,
We have a minor tiff,
And they push me down; into the sands of time,

Or I am driving peacefully,
And the road below vanishes,
I go down some tunnel or valley,
And burnt to ashes,

I wake up perspiring,
I feel blank; unable to think what to do,
This feeling is nauseating,
As I keep wondering, what if they come true………..

Living in loneliness!!

Living in loneliness,
My life’s a mess,
Living in pain,
It’s driving me insane,

The sea of sorrow,
The limitless sky of woe,
I am trying to ward off,
These ghosts; but it’s tough,

Sometimes I get this feeling,
The walls are closing down on me,
I am lost and drowning,
In the wilderness of the sea,

My life is full of turmoil,

As I see my plans always foil.

People start consoling me on the phone,

And I shout, Leave me alone!

Just when I was contemplating suicide,
I came across,
A friend, philosopher and a guide,
Who taught me to move ahead after a loss,

Some things go our way,
But in life, we lose even more,
Ships do lose their way,
But for that, they have to leave the shore,

Life is a blessing,
Time heals everything,
I have to be patient,
I have to be perseverant,

I suddenly feel a lot better,
The boredom and pessimism is all over,
I am no more living in loneliness, I say,
At last I have seen a glimmer of hope, a ray……….

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