Wednesday, March 21, 2018

World Poetry Day - Poems from Romania


It is so sad to see the failure of a flight
And the beam that fell
Down on the ground of darkness…

It is so sad to hear nature’s tired breathe
And the stolen song
From mankind’s cradle…

It is so sad to know about slavery of mind
And wheel of history
That kills parents…

It is so sad to hear the dying leaves
And the raving voice
Of the freezing waters…

It is so sad to touch the silent tears
And the wasted souls
Born by injustice…

It is so sad to feel the broken dreams
And the hollowed youth,
In trenches, under fire…

Nadia-Cella Pop
(translated by Dragoş Barbu)


In our daily vagaries
We search the unavailable:
Magic remedies for real wounds,
The imaginary chain partner
Out of our own identity,
The slavery of the pure truths
From the mordant challenges,
The awful masks of the ruined puppeteers,
The heathen cult of the ignorance
Unleashing the tolerance,
The reign of the rot
That used to rule once…
And more, more others that help us
To bear with dignity
This hollow of emptiness
With which we were born,
And we couldn’t add a thing
To the original nothingness,
Except a cry of disability.

Nadia-Cella Pop
(translated by Dragoş Barbu)


We own the night.
The grounds feel our heavy leaps
And tremble.
The deadwood’s eyes are gazing
To our ice-bearing paws
And fade to fear.
We are the wolves
We are the wolves
Of the Avenging Klan.
O, you, man, poisonous creature
Can you smell what we bring you?
Turn your eyes to your frozen lucky star,
It’s the last time you will!
Hold your bloodaxe, unleash the hounds to chase...
Remember, you’ll never cut down any oak
You’ll never slay these  living things again!
Get ready, point us with your sword
We are running...
We are coming!
How many fights do you still need to count
Until you can quench
Your mighty thirst
For wrath and hate?

Dragoş Barbu