Saturday, July 30, 2016

IFLAC Anti-Terror and Peach Anthology 2016

IFLAC (International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace) Anti-Terror and Peace Anthology 2016 is out in e-book format on This is an ambitious and successful project which puts together the works of writers from 23 different countries, including Malta. Ada Aharoni is Editor in Chief.

Included are 3 of my works:
1. an interview with Ada Aharoni;
2. a poem, Rwanda 1994;
3. a set of 6 haiku about the Anti-Terror theme.

I have been assigned the 3rd Prize for the Haiku Contest organized by IFLAC. The winning haiku is the following:

"Trees shedding blood tears
dead leaves lying all around
wind howls, "No TERROR!"

Many thanks IFLAC. No for terrorism! Yes for Peace and mutual Respect.

People interested in buying the Antology: