Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poetry from Greece - Zanneta Kalyva-Papaioannou

I also received a new book from another Greek poet, Zanneta Kalyva-Papaioannou, from Helioupolis. The books name is A life's notes, with translations in English by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.

A life's notes has 10 poems in English. They all treat the theme of love from the female point of view. Zanneta expresses her sensitivity both as a lover and as a mother. In her poetry she addresses always the "you" who can be a lover and a child. Her language is simple but beautiful, honest and clear as nature and Spring. Hers is an example of positive poetry, treating positive sentiments. Many poems are linked to particular spaces such as Paros' Island, Varkiza and Dilophos.

Poems by Zanneta:

Now, that you arrived Spring
and nature is flourishing,
now, that you arrived Spring
and the flower blooms,
love started again
to rouse us.
Bees fly
from flower to flower,
gather the scent
and treat us honey.
The scent of flowers
make us wake up,
love caught us
and we are all... in love!!!


Together on the mountain
we met one day,
we were wandering,
picking the best wild flowers.
We were playing with a daisy
"you love me?" "you don't love me"
but I'll always remember
when you started kissing me.
You were telling me tender, beautiful
and teasing words.
I passed my time joyfully
and I felt loving you much more.

More poems from Eftichia Kapardeli (Greece)

Some weeks ago I received more post from Greek poet Eftichia Kapardeli. I feel very near people like Eftichia, Zacharoula Gaitanaki, Zanneta Kalyva-Papaioannou, Stathis Grivas, Nickos Batsikanis and other Greek poets, perhaps because we are people from the Mediterranean or because both countries (Greece and Malta) have an important historical background, or because there is a kind of familiarity between all of us, even though we never met personally, for the time being.

Above right: St. Andrious Cathedral (the New and the Old), Patras
Below right: Kalogria - Gianniskari

The following are some other poems of Eftichia translated from Greek to English:


The houses of the city tightened

the snow in the roofs stretched out

two lights in the end of the street

two children's eyes

they read the shades

of the persons who were passing

the smell of bread unfolds in air

Thousands of stretched out hands

Thousands of children's eyes asking it.

(Dedicated to the children who have no food)


Snow... the last
white flakes
fall on the earth
Castaways resemble
in deserted beach
and the sea white blood