Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another poem by Teresinka Pereira

August 9, 1945

Human beings have more power
and are more likely to survive
than all existing bombs
or arms of mass destruction
to be invented.

Human beings are stronger
than all towers or border's walls
or flying ships and rockets
that deliver such bombs
to kill or separate the people.

Human beings are stronger
than tsunamis or typhoons
that break what civilization
has made by its greedy desire
an easier and more pleasant life.

Some will die, but the struggle
of the people of any race or any nation
is stronger and sure to achieve
victory and freedom against
bad governments or powerful
dictators who try to make order
or to silence the crowd when
one after another, people go
to the mountains or to the streets
and fight together.

The people of Nagasaki
are surviving and teaching the world
how to fight back on all fronts.
Researchers, teachers, students
and victims of the A-Bomb 1945
are making it possible for
all people of the world to overcome
what it first seemed to be
so impossible!