Sunday, May 18, 2014

2 poems by Teresinka Pereira


Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria
and head of the Armed Forces, said
on his inauguration May 6th 2010:
"I will devote myself to the service
and well-being of the people of Nigeria."
However, May 2014, an armed command
kidnaped 200 girls from a school
in order to sell them as sex slaves,
as if they were worth less than animals!
The Nigerian President did not consider the girls
as "people" deserving his protection!
We demand that President Goodluck Jonathan
be taken to the International Tribunal
charged as an accomplice of Nigerian terrorists.
We must write protest letters to the
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Ms. Margarida Pressburger, at the United Nations:
42nd Street and 1st Avenue / New York, NY / USA
It is a case of humanitarian conscientiouness.
The rescue operation! Let's do it right way!

Teresinka Pereira


A mother is never
sorry for herself.
Her time is infinite
and each instant of dream
is a piece of heaven.

Teresinka Pereira